Advisory Board Programs: The Many Virtues of Going Virtual

Post By Tim Curry

For any molecule or product, it is vital for pharmaceutical companies to gather important insights from key opinions leaders (KOLs) throughout the clinical development and marketing lifecycle. Advisory Boards effectively achieve this objective, but can be expensive, time consuming, and difficult to plan. External factors, such as government regulation and institutional compliance, also contribute to the difficulty of planning and executing successful Advisory Board meetings.

A new option to consider is virtual Advisory Boards, which can address all these concerns, although care must be taken to deliver a technically seamless and engaging Advisory Board experience, supported by a full-service model.

A Superior Collaborative Experience

The core goal of every Advisory Board is to facilitate in-depth discussion and a collaboration among your highest-tier KOLs, which can be a challenge for virtual programs. It’s now possible to meet this challenge with new virtual meeting technology that enhances interaction among Advisors. To ensure success, technology must be supported by comprehensive services to plan, pre-produce and execute highly productive virtual Advisory Boards.

Simple, Reliable Technology

Advisors require simplicity and easy access, as well as a seamless meeting experience. It’s important to provide Advisors with thorough pre-event orientation, to ensure their comfort with the technology so they can make effective use of any collaborative tools.

Significant Cost Savings

Compared to a traditional on-site Advisory Board, virtual Advisory Boards eliminate air and ground travel, hotel lodging, dining, A/V equipment and other on-site costs, yielding cost savings of up to 90%.

Convenience and Time Savings

On-site Advisory Boards require KOLs to spend significant time away from their medical practice and personal lives, while virtual programs allow KOLs to participate from the ease and comfort of their office or home.

Expedited Scheduling

By eliminating significant travel time, virtual programs provide greater scheduling flexibility for busy KOLs, and can be completed in a fraction of the time required for an on-site Advisory Board.

Carbon Savings

Air travel is a very high carbon-producing activity and by using the virtual meeting alternative, sponsor companies can achieve documented carbon savings that make a significant contribution to corporate citizenship goals.

Advisory Board Portals

A new option to complement your Advisory Board programs are Advisory Board Portals, which are 24/7 web platforms that can engage Advisors throughout the year. These platforms may include features such as discussion groups, newsletters, training, documents, messages and event registration. Online advisory tasks can include journal article reviews, assessments of pre-clinical molecules, and in-depth feedback on special topics.

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