Navigating the Transition to Virtual Speaker Programs

The nature of physician education and pharmaceutical marketing is changing and so is navigating the transition to virtual speaker programs. As digital technologies see accelerating adoption in all areas of our lives, virtual platforms are being embraced as a new way to connect expert medical speakers with practicing physicians. Virtual speaker programs are cost-effective, convenient and able to break down the geographical barriers that once kept nationally renowned speakers from reaching local audiences. It’s also inherently easier to maintain compliance with a virtual speaker program, a fact that’s becoming increasingly important in the face of the current regulatory crackdown.

This playbook explains the digital transformation happening in the pharmaceutical sector that changes the ways patients and providers interact with biopharma companies. For more information, please contact MedPoint Digital.

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About MedPoint Digital, Inc.

MedPoint Digital, Inc. partners with biopharma companies to deploy virtual pharmaceutical meetings and advanced portals that produce unique value. Our goals are to lower costs, improve quality and expedite timelines with digital platforms that transform key areas of clinical operations, commercial objectives, and study site tasks.

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