Launching a Strategic Virtual Advisory Board Partnership with a Leading Medical Communications Agency


In 2022, a large Medical Communications agency (MedComm A) approached MedPoint Digital (MedPoint) to assist in executing all virtual advisory board meetings across their agency.  MedComm A’s core competencies include scientific strategy, content development, market access, and meeting planning services; however, their account and project management teams were increasingly being tasked with planning and executing virtual advisory board meetings for their clients. While MedComm A had a team of capable project managers, they lacked the technological infrastructure and operational expertise to effectively produce a high volume of virtual advisory board meetings.


MedPoint provided MedComm A with a full overview of technical capabilities and best practices in order to create specific work instructions for each end client based on organizational compliance policies and individual team preferences.  MedPoint then aligned dedicated project management teams with each agency account team and end client. This allowed MedComm A to have consistent staffing for all their clients and brands, creating a seamless planning experience and the ability to turn around virtual meeting requests in an expedited manner.

Having consistent communication and alignment between MedPoint and MedComm A teams allowed close working relationships that resulted in superior service and unified project support for each virtual advisory board meeting. Weekly planning calls across teams allowed for continuity throughout the planning process, operational efficiencies between organizations, and seamless, high quality virtual advisory board events.


With dedicated staffing teams, upfront planning, and constant communication, MedPoint was able to execute over 100 successful virtual advisory board meetings for MedComm A in less than a year using our virtual meeting platform, Elevation™. Not only were the virtual meetings executed to the highest standard, but large cost savings were generated based on the volume of meetings. With MedPoint taking ownership of all technical aspects of the virtual meeting planning process and execution, MedComm A was able to focus on their strategic and scientific core competencies and deliver better value for their clients.

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About MedPoint Digital, Inc.

MedPoint Digital, Inc. partners with biopharma companies to deploy virtual pharmaceutical meetings and advanced portals that produce unique value. Our goals are to lower costs, improve quality and expedite timelines with digital platforms that transform key areas of clinical operations, commercial objectives, and study site tasks.

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