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Our Pledge

MedPoint Digital, Inc. partners with biopharma companies to deploy virtual meetings and advanced portals that produce unique value. Our goals are to lower costs, improve quality and expedite timelines with digital platforms that transform key areas of clinical operations, commercial objectives, and study site tasks.

By doing so, we commit to fulfilling the following pledges:

  • To our clients: We promise the timely creation and delivery of innovative medical communication and clinical research support services of the highest professional standards.
  • To our associates: We will maintain a fair, challenging, rewarding, and enjoyable workplace.
  • To the medical community: We will develop accurate, ethical, and effective digital services that advance scientific knowledge, improve clinical practice, support medical innovation, and promote superior healthcare for patients globally.

Dedicated to Biopharmaceuticals

For 32 years, MedPoint Digital has exclusively served leading innovator companies in the biopharmaceutical industry, as well as global leaders in the medical device and diagnostics sectors. We take pride in serving companies that are at the forefront of developing new treatments to improve human health, and we strive to understand the science and business of medicine, and the goals of our clients. This allows us to anticipate client needs, develop innovative technology solutions, and deliver client programs with excellence. We endeavor to be a partner with our clients in increasing quality, lowering costs, and enhancing equitable access to advanced medical therapies. Ultimately, our goal is to play a role in improving people’s lives across the globe.

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Engaging Experiences

We recognize that healthcare professionals (HCPs) are a highly educated and demanding audience, and to effectively interact with HCPs, it is imperative to deliver experiences that challenge their intellect and make effective use of their time. Everything we do, from specialized web portals and self-learning modules to live virtual events, is designed with this in mind. Our program designers and project managers specialize in the tools and techniques to optimize HCP engagement across our digital media formats. For 30 years, we’ve been deploying digital media programs and refining our best practices to ensure that HCPs have immersive and rewarding experiences, aligned with client communication goals.

End-to-End Services

We have earned a reputation for exceptional service driven by a skilled cadre of digital project managers. Over three decades, we have applied a continuous quality improvement process, resulting in the most evolved and effective service models across our virtual meeting and specialized portal services. This enables us to reliably deliver projects on time, on budget, and on target, with high rates of client and participant satisfaction. Our project managers proactively consult, anticipate, and execute services supporting your project and your vision, making it effortless for you to oversee excellence in your digital programs.

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Designed for Simplicity

It’s just this simple: busy healthcare professionals (HCPs) require streamlined, one-click platforms and clear, seamless processes. All our systems and services are designed to make it easy for medical VIPs to register, join and participate in our specialized portals and virtual events. Our platforms are developed to deliver an intuitive experience, with no training required for HCP users. We build technology to provide HCPs with the glitch-free reliability and responsiveness they demand. Beyond technology, we apply best practices in how we communicate and engage with HCPs, to keep things simple and effective. Low rates of help desk requests and high rates of user satisfaction are the measures that give proof to our design ethos: simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Quality, Security, and Compliance

All operations at MedPoint Digital are governed by an enterprise-wide Quality Assurance program that addresses all relevant pharmaceutical industry regulations. A team of dedicated professionals at MedPoint ensures the quality, security, and reliability of our systems and services to the high standards of our clients. As applied to virtual meetings, we believe our quality and compliance program sets the bar and is materially superior to any competing company. In 2022 MedPoint achieved a milestone in its quality program, gaining certification for meeting ISO 27001 standards.

Our systems and operations are conducted in compliance with a full range of biopharmaceutical industry regulations and standards, including US Open Payments, PhRMA 2021 Code on Interaction with Health Care Professionals, EFPIA Code of Practice, and the following:

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Why Penguins?

Penguins exemplify the Think Sync/aSync™ concept!

On land, penguins are Synchronous: They mate for life and raise their young in large colonies, called waddles, and only survive the harsh Antarctic winter by huddling together.

In the sea, penguins are aSyncronous: They spend 12 hours or more in the water, primarily working individually, to feed on krill, squid and small fish.

Penguins exhibit a Sync/aSync strategy by relying on group safety on land, and individual feeding in the sea, to thrive in the Antarctic environment like no other creature.