Easily Track Site Trainings for Clinical Trials


In August 2022, Pharma A came to MedPoint Digital (MedPoint) looking for a solution to train their sites for a phase 3 clinical trial. They had previously used SharePoint combined with some other manual systems to track training, but it had become too cumbersome with upwards of 330 sites, unique training required for different roles, and sites being added at various times. There were also enterprise-level trainings that site staff only needed to complete once, but they were having a difficult time keeping track of who had completed these trainings. This resulted in some needing to redo the same training multiple times.

Pharma A’s goal was to implement a system to easily track who had completed what training, when it was completed, and be able to provide proof of completion for audit purposes.


MedPoint has a comprehensive portal, called TriPort, which is specifically designed for clinical trials to maximize organization, training, and communication, while simultaneously lowering costs and is 21 CFR-part 11-certified. The Training center allows admins the ability to assign and track certain documents to specific roles, each with an official eSignature. TriPort also tracks enterprise-level training across all studies so if a user participates in multiple studies, they will not have to retake the training each time. The admins can also send templated reminder emails to just those who have not completed a particular training by a certain date.

Pharma A had their TriPort up and running six weeks after their initial request. For this team, TriPort resolved several training hurdles that they were up against, with the bonus of storing and accessing important trial documents easily in the Documents center, all within the same secure platform. The Documents center is a simple, complimentary tool to streamline the organization and distribution of new documents and ensure version control amongst updated documents.


Pharma A almost immediately saved a notable amount of time with the ease of overseeing training in TriPort along with its suite of admin reports. Pharma A also noted that they were pleasantly surprised at how user-friendly TriPort was for sites to pick up as they were added to the study without needing intensive onboarding. The portal has made great strides in efficiency for this team, and it will continue to be utilized through the planned trial end date.

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