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MedPoint has transformed virtual investigator meetings by applying an unparalleled blend of technology, expertise, and best practices. Our focus is to engage medical professionals in an elevated virtual meeting experience.

Elevation® is the most reliable and productive platform for sponsors and study sites to engage in virtual investigator meetings. We apply leading-edge multimedia and interactive elements to deliver a superior experience for investigator site members. Our approach places minimal demands on presenters while producing major benefits in costs, productivity, and quality. Elevation is built for biopharma and complies with ICH GCP and related regulations, as well as rigorous security and privacy standards.

Custom Registration Tools

Proprietary, robust registration and attendance app offering custom branding, enhanced data capture and security, and a simplistic user experience.

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Optimized Attendee Communication

Role, site, or region-specific invitations and attendee communications allow for a personalized experience.

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Full Event Production

Comprehensive services to develop and execute dynamic, highly engaging virtual investigator meetings.

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Interactive Features

Innovative tools such as participant mapping, regional or role-specific breakouts, gamification, and language translation.

Hybrid Investigator Meetings

Excellence in On-Site + Remote

Hybrid investigator meetings pose special challenges to effectively combine in-person and remote study site audiences. MedPoint has exceptional expertise to support both on-site logistics and virtual meeting technology so that all participants have a rewarding and productive experience.

Elevation’s hybrid investigator meetings effectively combine the personal experience of an onsite meeting with the convenience of a virtual meeting. MedPoint applies its dual expertise in digital technology and meetings logistics, acting as a single point for event success.

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Clear Benefits

Hybrid formats can be optimal in maximizing attendance, reducing costs, and supporting in-person training for targeted individuals and groups.

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Single Point of Contact

MedPoint consolidates meeting logistics and virtual technology under a single team, resulting in more streamlined project coordination, attendee registration, and event production.

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Exceptional Experience

Hybrid meetings pose special challenges, and MedPoint applies best practices to ensure all participants are fully engaged and have an equal voice during the sessions.

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Flexible Formats

MedPoint consults with sponsors on hybrid meetings formatted by region, role, open choice, or by add-on attendees, according to the needs of each clinical trial.

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