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TriPort is a multifunctional investigator portal spanning training, documents, communications, safety reports, dynamic FAQs, patient visit guides, site engagement and other capabilities.

TriPort improves study quality and efficiency in a format that is easy to access and simple to use. With one sign-on, study managers, CRAs and investigator sites gain access to an array of function-rich centers that can be selectively activated to fit the needs of each clinical trial.

Study managers and CRAs benefit from custom views that keep them better informed, and tools that vastly improve their ability to complete key tasks. Investigative sites benefit from functions that make it clearer to organize and easier to complete core activities, with improved speed and quality.

More than an Investigator Portal, TriPort is an Ecosystem of Study Solutions.


Personalized access to TriPort, Study eSafe, InSite Virtual Monitoring and Stratus Advisory Portal.

apple sitting on top of books iconTraining

Deliver effective role-based training with consolidated records and site-level views.

pencil writing iconDocuments

Easily assign, distribute and view real-time status of document completion.

safety helmet iconSafety Reports

Streamline the safety reports process with better workflows and real-time tracking.

person thinking iconFAQs

Easily manage role-based FAQs, giving sponsors, CRAs and sites the answers they need.

threaded speech bubble iconCorrespondence

Improved speed, convenience, and security of messaging, with superior workflows.

hand touching mobile device iconProtocol

Mobile access to a more searchable and informative Study Protocol.


A personalized gateway to the platform, simplifying completion of items requiring attention.

presentation with graphs iconMetrics

Simplified access to visual metrics on key activities, with drill-downs and reports.

chart with progressive line iconTracking

Convert insights into action with tools to drive high rates of site task completion.

browser with monitor line iconMonitoring

Empower CRAs with superior technology for remote management of site monitoring.

computer mouse iconEngagement

Drive site engagement with leaderboards, news, site awards, discussions, surveys and more.

checklist iconVisit Guides

Mobile access to a check list of procedures for each visit, with protocol hot links.

calendar with clock iconVisit Calculator

Calculate accurate dates for each patient visit, with reminders and a central calendar.


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