Four Tips to Engage Sites During Virtual Investigator Meetings

As clinical trials and training of sites become increasingly reliant on virtual technology, pharmaceutical sponsors need to understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with conducting meetings online. By applying principles of adult learning, sponsors can ensure that virtual investigator meetings are effective and engaging for all participants.


1. Wealth of experience

First, it is essential to recognize that adult learners have a wealth of experience and knowledge that they can bring to the virtual meeting space. Creating a collaborative environment that encourages participation from all members, investigators, sponsors, and vendors, can allow for collective expertise and foster a sense of community among the group.

2. Provide learners with a purpose and objective

Another key principle of adult learning is the importance of providing learners with a clear purpose and objective for the meeting. This can help focus the discussion and ensure that all participants work towards a common goal. In the context of clinical trials, this might involve setting specific data collection targets or outlining key protocol questions that need to be addressed during the meeting.

3. Relevant materials

Adult learners are also more engaged when the material presented is relevant and applicable to their work. In virtual investigator meetings, this can be achieved by providing real-world examples and case studies that demonstrate how the concepts being discussed can be applied in practice. This can help to make the material more meaningful and engaging for participants.

4. Different learning styles

Finally, it is important to recognize that adult learners have different learning styles and preferences. Some may prefer to learn through visual aids, while others may respond better to hands-on activities such as gamification or group discussions. By providing a variety of learning approaches and allowing participants to choose the methods that work best for them, investigators can ensure that virtual meetings are inclusive and accessible for all.


In conclusion, by applying principles of adult learning in virtual investigator meetings, clinical trial teams can create an engaging and effective learning environment that supports the success of their trials. By fostering collaboration, setting clear goals, making the material relevant, and providing diverse learning opportunities, investigators can ensure that virtual pharmaceutical meetings are a valuable tool for advancing the field of clinical research.


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