Engaging KOLs to Guide Content and Material Development


While the pandemic was coming to a slowdown, Pharma A came to MedPoint Digital (MedPoint) with the request of how to best collect feedback on marketing assets, so as to further guide and influence their material development. Pharma A was looking for a way to save time, money, and effort while still seeing increased results. Pharma A wanted to partner with their Medical Communications Agency (Med Comm) to be able to share the materials prior to going live.


Pharma A’s goal was to circulate marketing materials via a cost-conscious method while also ensuring the KOLs were able to provide feedback in a manageable way. With the KOL feedback, the marketing materials would be better guided by industry leaders. MedPoint suggested using Cumulus, a speaker training portal, to upload documents, videos, images, and more.

We mainly utilized the Documents center on the portal which allows the sharing of presentations, newsletters, and multiple document types (PDF, Microsoft Word, etc.). Our development team set up the portal to allow for multiple moderators to upload documents on their own time, instead of having to request a file be uploaded each time.

Once the documents were uploaded, the KOLs received email notifications alerting them to the new materials. Once they viewed it, they were able to provide feedback via the Community center or by providing thorough notes to their bureau leads.


The impact of having a 24/7 digital portal allowing for constant feedback proved to be extremely successful. The Pharma A moderators were able to continuously update the documents in need of feedback. Not only did this portal remove the need for the ‘middleman’ to gather all the feedback in one place, but it also gave the KOLs more time to review confidential pieces.

Pharma A has continued to leverage the portal for assorted projects and will continue to do so throughout the rest of the year.

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