Best Practices for Pre-Meeting Planning to Ensure High Attendance

One of the most important aspects of live virtual events is the planning and organizing that leads up to the actual program. Here are the top three tips we suggest when organizing your events to ensure attendance is at an all-time high.

1. Effective pre-meeting communications

Begin communication with your target audience as early as possible. Start with sending Save the Date communications six weeks prior to the event. We suggest using a customizable registration site with branding elements and messaging about your program to drive interest. Upon registration, users should receive an immediate, concise communication with attendance information as well as an automated calendar hold. Provide reminders to all registered attendees beginning 48 hours prior to the event and at least another reminder on the day of the event.

2. Text message reminders

To combat flooded email inboxes, we recommend supplementing confirmation and reminder emails with an optin text message reminder option during the registration process. Users that opt-in to this service will receive an SMS text 15 minutes prior to the event start time as a last-minute reminder. 

3. Implement an asynchronous portal to engage users before and after your event

One of MedPoint Digital’s most exciting solutions is our asynchronous virtual speaker training and virtual advisory board portal, CloudPort. This tool allows your speakers or KOLs to complete important activities before and after your event. Once in the portal, users can access training, discussions, pre-reads, surveys, calendars, and more. This is a great method for sharing information you want to discuss during the live event or to sign off on documents that need to be tracked.  

These are our top three suggestions for ensuring your event will go off without a hitch, and your attendees will be kept up to date on important information. Reach out to MedPoint Digital to make certain your next event is a success!  

To learn more about MedPoint Digital’s asynchronous portal for virtual speaker training and virtual advisory boards, contact us today! 


About MedPoint Digital, Inc.

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