Custom Language Audio Translation Capabilities


A top Pharma Sponsor reached out to MedPoint Digital (MedPoint) to request multiple language capabilities within one of their European projects. The goal was for a unique virtual investigator meeting setup that allowed for 12 languages, with 9 of the 12 being custom languages to be simultaneously audio translated within Zoom Webinar. The key issue was that Zoom Webinar technology had a limitation on language capabilities and had recently implemented a limitation for the number of translator seats that could join. MedPoint’s goal was to deliver exactly what the Pharma Sponsor team requested in an easy-to-use and cost-effective virtual meeting solution for the sponsor team and still provide the needed audio language capabilities for the attendees.


MedPoint engaged with our internal IT team, our experienced Account Development team, and vendor partners to design a novel solution that was implemented into our virtual meeting platform, Elevation.


The meeting ran seamlessly, and the sponsor and attendees found the MedPoint solution was easy and simple to utilize in their virtual investigator meeting.

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