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For 25 years, MedPoint Digital has pioneered digital solutions that offer biopharma marketers new channels for reaching and engaging HCPs. Our commitment to innovation and our exclusive focus on biopharma have combined to produce channel solutions that meet new challenges in medical product marketing.

We deliver high client satisfaction and extensive service relationships, thanks to a company culture of VIP service to clients and HCPs, combined with a team that’s friendly, proactive, responsive, and accountable.

All operations are driven by a comprehensive, auditable quality program, resulting in validated platforms built for the specific needs of biopharma, with exceptional security and compliance with regulatory requirements.

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Virtual Programs That Bring Peers Closer

Fully deployed and field-tested, Proximity is a powerful digital channel for live, dynamic speaker events. Proximity rapidly and reliably reaches target audiences, while effectively engaging HCPs and greatly lowering costs. For Field Reps, Proximity delivers a valued peer-to-peer program that drives unparalleled access to HCPs.


Ramp up large-scale programs in 4-6 weeks


Leverage digital media to lower costs by 80-90%


Engage 10,000+ HCPs per brand, per year


Drive Reps to 25-30 minute visits with HCPs

Every Proximity program incorporates several core characteristics:


Multiple virtual events are conducted each week, offering a flexible schedule that maximizes HCP attendance.


The program is run throughout the year, serving as a primary tactic for Reps and creating familiarity among HCPs.


Program topics are periodically refreshed, providing an overlapping series of events with natural follow-on attendance.


Field Reps drive the invitation process and serve as hosts in HCP offices, or register HCPs to join on their own.


Events are brief, 25 to 30 minutes, to align with the daily work flow of HCPs.

MedPoint Digital partners with biopharma companies to transform their use of live digital meetings. We’ll provide the technology, expertise and best practices to implement Proximity programs that produce positive experiences from the start for Reps, Speakers and HCPs. Let us show you how Proximity can deliver measurable, incredible, brand-building results.

Engagement – We work with brand teams and presenters to develop virtual events that command and maintain the attention and engage the intelligence of HCPs. This engagement approach becomes part of the internal decision-making dialogue of healthcare professionals. We plan and pre-produce every virtual event with interactive elements such as polling, chat, surveys and break-out rooms. Our producers enliven the virtual experience with live video, slide effects, animations, mark-ups, screen sharing and source materials.

Full Service – Since entering the market as one of the pioneers of the virtual meeting channel in 1993, we have evolved a comprehensive service model that incorporates extensive, proven best practices. Our project team will drive all aspects of program planning and execution, to achieve targeted goals and ensure your satisfaction. During each event, a diverse, dedicated team includes on-air moderation, event production, technical support, help desk, and chase team services.

Compliance – Our systems, processes and staff operate under an all-encompassing Quality program that ensures audit-ready compliance with the full range of regulations in the global biopharma industry, including security, privacy, technology validation and data quality. Simply put, no other virtual meeting provider can match our Quality and Compliance program.

Technology – The Elevation platform is a best-in-class, proprietary platform we have developed to address several key requirements of our biopharma clients. Reflecting the demands of HCPs, Elevation is easy to join and simple to use, providing a highly reliable, seamless experience. Our platform is highly configurable, with the flexibility to meet the specific requirements of individual projects and biopharma clients. Extensive data on individual user logon, input and activity are tracked and captured in a validated database, with reporting and secure hosting.

Virtual meeting formats include:

  • Advisory Boards

  • Speaker Training Meetings

  • Sales Update Events

  • Scientific Symposia

Cloud Portals

We develop secure, best-in-class platforms to meet the new challenges of the biopharma industry. Our portals enable HCPs to access role-based resources and conduct various tasks, with tracking, reporting, and real-time metrics.

The Stratus portal provides a new digital channel to extend advisory activities beyond periodic meetings, enhancing relationship development with top-tier KOLs. Stratus energizes advisory programs by allowing advisors and consultants to be engaged with brands and involved in consulting activities on a 24/7 basis. Key components of Stratus include:

  • Moderated discussion threads for interaction among advisors
  • Structured consulting activities
  • Blogs, newsletters and social media formats
  • Secure, role-based content management
  • Completion of contracts and documents, with eSignatures
  • Tracking and reporting of individual user activity

Cumulus is a learning management system (LMS) specifically configured to address the unique needs of the biopharma industry for security, compliance and data capture. Cumulus can support targeted delivery of interactive training on an enterprise-wide basis to biopharma employees, and also support external HCP audiences such as speakers, consultants and clinicians. Features of the Cumulus training portal include:

  • User-friendly administrator tools
  • Role-based assignments
  • Personalized user dashboards
  • Multiple module types and content files
  • Learning assessments and certificates
  • Courses and curricula
  • Reference materials
  • Messages and reminders

Intuitive and responsive, the Cirrus portal is a powerful platform to drive the success of live virtual speaker activities. Cirrus provides role-based views and resources for diverse users such as brand teams, sales reps, speakers and HCPs. Cirrus incorporates a wide range of functions, including:

  • Event calendars and event registration
  • Confirmations and reminders
  • Speaker/event requests and speaker scheduling
  • Printable invitations, bios, and collateral
  • User dashboards and reports