Gathering Rapid Feedback from Top KOLs using Asynchronous Advisory Board Portal


In Spring 2021, Pharma A came to MedPoint Digital (MedPoint) with the request for a new method to increase KOL feedback, while decreasing in-person events needed. They were also having trouble scheduling a live virtual advisory board that needed high attendance during the summer.

Pharma A’s goal was to provide 24/7 access to materials so the KOLs could provide feedback and discussions on their own time, making them more likely to reply, without the need of having constant live virtual advisory boards.


MedPoint suggested Stratus, an advisory board platform, to collect opinions and feedback from the KOLs. We presented the Discussions tab within the Community Center, which allows for continuous conversation threads, polls, and replies. Pharma A went live with this in just a few short weeks post request.

The portal is a new channel that allows group activity beyond live virtual events, while still fostering a relationship with KOLs.


Pharm A noticed an increase in discussions within the first few weeks the portal was live. The KOLs were able to access the platform during their off hours on their own time, which allowed them more flexibility than scheduled events. The platform features allowed for a myriad of results, both qualitative and quantitative.

The Polling center was a simple add-on that yielded fast, simple results. The conversation threads allowed for deeper discussion. Overall, the platform was a fraction of the cost compared to a live event. This meant Pharma A had funds remaining to put towards revising marketing material and updating their content based on the feedback received.

The platform was a major success and is continually being utilized today. We still see an increase in feedback and will be suggesting this method of remote asynchronous advisory boards for all future events.

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