Silent Observer Rooms


In the Winter of 2020, a medical communications agency (“MedCom A”) reached out to MedPoint Digital (MedPoint) to explore methodologies for executing an advisory board program in which additional client executives could listen/watch a virtual advisory board without being part of the meeting itself. The goal was for a unique meeting setup that allowed for the silent observation of the program, while eliminating the risk of additional attendees interrupting the virtual advisory board and enabling simultaneous conversation on key learnings amongst the silent observers.


MedPoint engaged with MedCom A to design a virtual advisory board program that would maintain the effectiveness of typical virtual meetings with no risk of interruption, while allowing additional attendees to witness the meeting in real time.

To accomplish the meeting objectives, MedPoint utilized a virtual technology setup to create two different types of access to the meeting. Participants were divided into active and silent attendees, and based on their role, were given different capabilities for the meeting. The presenter team and active KOL group were provided camera and audio rights, to have full capabilities and involvement in their section of the virtual advisory program.

Meanwhile, silent observers joined the meeting without the ability to interact with active participants. Video and audio rights were disabled to ensure a seamless observation of the active participants. However, group chat capabilities were enabled amongst silent observers, allowing them to share their thoughts and notes in real time with their fellow associates. This solution model is referred to as the Silent Observer Room.

Upon the conclusion of the virtual advisory board meeting, MedPoint’s moderator utilized the virtual technology to update attendees’ rights to allow silent observers to actively participate in a debrief with the rest of their team once the KOL advisors had dropped off the call. This allowed for a seamless transition for observers to join their colleagues in a collaborative virtual debrief.


The Silent Observer Room generated exceptional results. MedCom A was able to accomplish their goals of having an engaging virtual advisory board program with additional observing attendees who could discuss their takeaways in real time. The meeting was able to have a separate observer role to ensure there were no interruptions, and a seamless debrief transition upon the advisors leaving the call allowed for the full team to collaborate in a virtual debrief. MedCom A was able to utilize MedPoint’s unique technical setup to achieve optimal engagement and a high level of efficiency in coordinating their virtual advisory board program. The Silent Observer Room model has since been a highly sought-after capability for virtual meetings and a core service model component of what MedPoint provides.

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