Every platform and service at MedPoint can operate on a stand-alone basis, and every project is configured to meet the unique needs of each sponsor. MedPoint creates even greater value by integrating its technologies for more comprehensive solutions. MedPoint deploys five Integrated Solutions that leverage our technologies and services to deliver unique capabilities for sponsors.

Site Training

A mix of digital services and training development consolidated into a training plan, to optimize study site performance. The training plan comprises multiple channels of training delivery, at the start and throughout the duration of a clinical trial, and incorporates numerous best practices to fully meet the needs of all targeted learners at study sites.

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Study Documents

We deploy integrated platforms that support an end-to-end Digital Document Ecosystem, so that documents can proceed in a digital state through workflows among sponsors, investigative sites, CRAs, IRBs/ECs and regulators, with retention of standardized metadata, for powerful gains in quality, security, timelines and productivity.

Virtual Monitoring

By combining TriPort, InSite and Study eSafe platforms, MedPoint provides an advanced solution for remotely tracking and monitoring the status of study sites across multiple areas of study conduct. This integrated solution offers sponsors and CROs a uniquely robust capability for evolving site monitoring into a seamless component of decentralized clinical trials.

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Rapid Information

Our platforms incorporate several applications that enable sites, sponsors and CRAs to quickly access key study information. Tools include dynamic Q&A, searchable protocol, quick guides, patient visit guides, correspondence, document library, personal dashboards, and metrics center. Taken together, these tools can drive quality and timelines in clinical trials.

Site Engagement

MedPoint develops intuitive, site-centric platforms with tools that lower the burden on study sites. We engage sites with eNewsletters, surveys, blogs and mid-study virtual meetings, and we offer special services such as leaderboards, site awards and online discussions, to keep sites motivated and aligned with the altruistic goals of each study.

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