InSite Virtual Monitoring: Reinventing the Remote Monitoring Visit

InSite Virtual is a powerful new digital solution for remote monitoring of investigator sites. Comprised of a live virtual visit platform and a 24/7 portal, InSite Virtual offers CRAs the ability to share data, documents, and workflows before, during and after a remote monitoring visit. The innovative virtual technology and 24/7 portal allow CRAs to perform core monitoring functions without travel. By reducing the significant expense and downtime of travel, InSite Virtual has the potential to lower costs of clinical trials.

InSite Virtual sets a new standard for remote monitoring and works with Study eSafe, a free eRegulatory and source document binder for sites. By implementing these solutions together, sites and sponsors avoid duplicate documents. InSite Virtual is built to specific monitoring plans and clinical trial protocols. Using this platform for remote monitoring brings new efficiencies to monitoring visits, training, and site engagement as sponsors pursue decentralized clinical trials.

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About MedPoint Digital, Inc.

MedPoint Digital, Inc. partners with biopharma companies to deploy virtual pharmaceutical meetings and advanced portals that produce unique value. Our goals are to lower costs, improve quality and expedite timelines with digital platforms that transform key areas of clinical operations, commercial objectives, and study site tasks.

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