Easy Clinical Trial Solutions to 4 Common Problems

New clinical trial solutions are changing the way we doing things for the better.

Clinical research is full of critical but time-consuming activities. While hard work can get you through most obstacles, there are many new solutions available. Small tweaks in processes and adoption of new tools can be the difference between success or burning out your workforce. Here are some common hurdles in clinical trials and easy solutions.

1. In-person Training

With global trials and a tight timeline, in-person training is costly, inefficient, and time consuming.

Sponsors and CROs often train in-person during investigator meetings, study initiation and monitoring visits. While the in-person training might be effective at the time, it is slow and inconsistent. Even worse, staff changes and turnover mean your training efforts repeat with each new study team member.

Many sponsors now leverage virtual meetings to complete training for many people at once. Virtual trainings are a fraction of the cost of in-person training. Combining live and virtual training to optimizes flexibility for users.

Virtual training providers create on-demand training modules for future study team members. Together, virtual trainings and online modules reduce cost of training and make compliance easier.

2. Emailing documents and correspondence

Emails are frequently neglected, forgotten, or sent to junk or spam folders. Countless time is lost with follow up emails, waiting on responses and sending new communications. With the right tools, sponsors can dramatically reduce time spent on email.

Clinical trial portals like TriPort, allow sponsors to host all documents, communications and resources in one place for sites. TriPort allows sponsor visibility to incomplete trainings or unviewed documents. With rapid communication tools you can automate simple reminders. Secure eRegulatory platforms also reduce the need to email documents. MedPoint’s TriPort Investigator portal and Study eSafe platforms integrate to reduce email processes.

3. In-person review of regulatory and source documents

On-site monitoring is one of the largest costs in clinical trial budgets. What’s worse is that travel adds unproductive time and burnout of your study monitors.

With platforms like Study eSafe, sites can set up their own eRegulatory and source document binders free.

Better yet, sponsors can work with MedPoint Digital to set up an eReg/source document platform for all their participating sites. This creates a single login for monitors to access documents, standardizes organization and reduces the need to travel.

Sites benefit from enhanced system security, faster workflows and automated compliance tools.

4. Answering the same questions over and over

Frequent questions are distracting and tedious. Sites waiting for answers causes delays and protocol deviations.

Posting FAQs on a clinical trial portal is a great way to maximize self-sufficiency and learning. With FAQs sponsors can concentrate on giving clear, concise answers to common questions. A good FAQ prevents slow email processes and redundant communications.

With a clinical trial portal, FAQs have easy search tools and can link to related documents or resources. Online FAQs create a self-service model that is ideal for site efficiency.


Smarter, Faster, Better
If you made it this far, you recognize the need for new solutions. MedPoint Digital is a leader in eClinical solutions that address common hurdles in clinical research. With virtual meetings and advanced portals sponsors are able to save time, reduce costs and improve the quality.

For more information about MedPoint Digital virtual meetings and clinical trial solutions, contact MedPoint Digital today!


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