Virtual Programming Built for Sales Reps

The effective way to connect with physicians

Post By Tim Curry

Pharmaceutical sales representatives are generally over-burdened with programming options and responsibilities, and it can be difficult to sort through the noise and find truly impactful ways to connect with your target physicians. As outlined below, the MedPoint Digital VARA model (Virtual Accelerated Reach and Access) offers a wide variety of benefits that truly deliver value to your HCP targets.

Unlocking Physician Access

With sales rep access to HCPs becoming increasingly difficult, it is more important than ever to deliver value in order to gain valuable time and attention from physicians. Based on recent data, over half of U.S. physicians restrict sales rep access.1  Between larger patient loads and regulations from major health systems, physicians have less time than ever to meet with pharma reps.

By providing unique, peer-driven content in an interactive format, sales representatives are able to deliver valuable information while accommodating busy physician scheduled.

Saving Your Sales Budget 

By utilizing the VARA model, sales representatives are able to structure their peer-to-peer programming around lunchtime office visits rather than traditional dinner programs. These lunchtime virtual events result in a sales budget cost savings of between 80-90% based on food, beverage and venue related costs compared to dinner meetings.

Flexible Scheduling 

Because the VARA model relies on continuous programming and messaging rather than an episodic, “one-off” approach, sales reps have a great degree of flexibility in scheduling their programs. A convenient, easy to navigate calendar of events is available online with a variety of date, time and speaker options. By providing a multitude of scheduling options and keeping programs to approximately 30 minutes, reps are more easily able to accommodate the busy schedule of individual practices.

Simple Log-on Process and Reliable Technology 

MedPoint manages and supports every aspect of the technology related to these programs ensuring easy access to the virtual events and a high quality meeting experience for you and your HCP attendees. Over 50% of all sales reps participating in a VARA event connect to the program via iPad or mobile device from their physician’s office. The virtual event platform and log-on process are extremely user friendly and intuitive, but MedPoint also provides help desk support via phone and e-mail to ensure a positive meeting experience.

Compliance Friendly Interactions 

The MedPoint Digital VARA model removes a number of typical compliance related issues for sales reps. Because these events are typically accompanied by a modest lunch or perhaps no meal at all, TOV concerns for HCPs are greatly reduced. Additionally, since the programs are hosted in physician offices rather than restaurants, the high venue related cost and risk of HCP no-shows are both removed entirely. The private, office setting also helps to ensure that the focus of the meeting remains on the content and education value of presentation.

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(1) ZS Associates Spring AccessMonitor report