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Take Your Virtual Meetings Higher

Elevation VM is the most full-service, reliable and simplified way for sponsors and study sites to engage in virtual meetings. MedPoint Digital pioneered virtual investigator meetings in 1993 and has since produced over 1,500 virtual IMs. Today, Elevation VM incorporates leading-edge multimedia and interactive elements for a superior, engaging experience for investigator site members. Our approach places minimal demands on presenters while producing major benefits in costs, productivity and quality. Elevation VM is built for Biopharma and complies with ICH GCP and related regulations, so that all data generated from our virtual events are audit-ready.

Improve site readiness and engagement over the lifespan of your clinical trial with Elevation VM!

Investigator Meetings
CRA and Affiliate Events
Study Advisory Boards

Mid-Study Updates
Site-Engagement Sessions
Study Results Meetings

MedPoint provides an integrated solution for meetings that combine on-site and remote attendees in a single event. Hybrid meetings can deliver the best of both worlds, combining the personal experience of an onsite meeting with the convenience of a virtual meeting. MedPoint applies its expertise in both virtual and onsite meetings, acting as a single point of contact for project coordination, attendee registration and event production.

Clear Benefits

In clinical trials, hybrid investigator meetings (IMs) are often an attractive option for achieving study objectives. Higher attendance by site staff is perhaps the biggest advantage of the hybrid format, enabling many more site members who require training to attend. Hybrid meetings also allow site staff to attend virtually at a fraction of time demand and the cost of onsite attendees.

Exceptional Experience

Hybrid meetings pose special challenges to work equally well for all participants, and that’s where MedPoint Digital provides unique expertise. We combine unrivaled technology with exceptional service to produce an elevated hybrid meeting experience. Our service model is built to deliver hybrid IMs that are highly engaging, as well as seamless, reliable and user-friendly.

Myriad Formats

Sponsors can choose among different formats of hybrid meetings that best align with the needs of each clinical trial.

Regional Hybrids: Site members meet at on-site venues by country and connect virtually with other countries within their region.

Role-based Hybrids: As an example, Study Coordinators meet on-site for special training while Investigators attend by virtual meeting.

Open Choice: Study site members can choose to participate either on-site or by virtual meeting.

Added Attendance: Sites send 1 investigator and 1 coordinator to the on-site meeting, and other site members can attend remotely.

With a 30-year track record serving biopharmaceutical clients, MedPoint offers an unrivaled depth of experience in delivering superior meeting logistics services. The MeetingPoint team is dedicated to the life sciences industry, so we understand the unique challenges and high standards of our clients. Our white glove services ensure that we meet the high expectations and special needs of top-tier investigators, advisors and other VIP healthcare professionals.

Globally Capable

MedPoint has 30 years of experience conducting meetings across global regions, with over 50% of attendees and events located outside the U.S. And for 2 of our 3 largest clients, we serve more study teams and other end-clients located in Europe than in the U.S. This experience translates into professional familiarity with destinations and venues in all target markets, as well as expertise in shipping, visas and other aspects of international logistics. MedPoint is also able to navigate through various language and cultural issues to optimize global meetings.

Fully Compliant

MedPoint is highly conversant with special measures that are required when engaging with VIP medical professionals and adhering to various regulations. Our operations conform with ICH GCP E6 (R2), EU GDPR, US Open Payments and other regulations, including country-by-country spending restrictions. Our IT systems are fully validated and operated within an end-to-end Quality Assurance regime, allowing us to collect, manage and report sensitive data with high degrees of privacy and security. We also take care to understand the various guidelines and policies of every client and we train our team members to consistently follow client practices.

Creative and Engaging

To optimize meeting goals, we believe it’s essential to engage the intelligence of medical professionals and conduct meetings that dynamic and motivating. To make that happen, we consult with clients on creative options and interactive elements to create a unique strategic plan for each meeting. Next we help develop the meeting flow, structured agenda and special activities, right down to the details of room set-up and seating arrangements. The results are events that are more stimulating for participants and more focused on the core goals of the overall study or project.

MedPoint elevates the meeting experience for on-site participants using its new Elevation OnSite App. Our team works with clients to create a plan for participant engagement and pre-produce various elements that work on the app. The in-room app enables participants to be more actively involved and focused during a meeting, with features such as:

Slide View
Submit Questions
Note Taking
Live Screen Viewing

Presenter Bios
Closed Captioning
Automated Translation
Document Viewing

Integration Between On-Site and Virtual

The app is fully integrated with Elevation Virtual Meeting technology, so that both on-site and remote meeting participants have a synchronized meeting flow. All participants are presented with multimedia and interactive features simultaneously, ensuring an equal, seamless and engaging meeting experience.

BYOD Versatility at Lower Cost

Elevation OnSite App is a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) technology that operates effectively on computers and mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. Incorporating responsive design, the app delivers a great user experience across the full range of devices and screen sizes. Our BYOD technology is more flexible and can be deployed at a fraction of the cost of device-dependent in-room platforms.

Security and Connectivity

MedPoint provides onsite support to ensure easy login, robust bandwidth and secure wireless connectivity in the meeting room. Optionally, we can provide tablets for participants who do not have their own device.