Driving Study Site Performance

TriPort is a best-in-class, investigator-facing clinical trial portal supporting an array of study functions. This platform improves study quality and efficiency in a format that is easy to access and simple to use. TriPort comprises several function-rich Centers that can be selectively activated to meet the needs of each trial.


For sponsors, TriPort is an effective platform for providing sites with training, documents, communications and other resources, with simple admin tools to manage users and assign resources by role and location. Sponsors are able to view completion of these resources in real time and can send targeted communications to drive high rates of site performance.

For study sites, TriPort makes completion of study-related activities easy and intuitive, with no training required. With a single sign-on sites can access a wide array of resources and view a dashboard that organizes their activities.

TriPort is a validated, ICH GCP compliant platform with complete audit trails, operating in a secure cloud environment. TriPort is currently in use by over 7,000 study sites and 30,000+ active users.


The Training Center is configured to meet the unique needs of global clinical trials, making it easy to deliver effective role-based training on a secure, validated platform. This Center can consolidate all records for training, whether delivered online, during on-site meetings, in virtual meetings, or by CRAs during site visits. Our platform supports interactive modules developed by MedPoint or from external sources, as well as training documents, videos and animations. Features include rich multimedia, interactive controls, knowledge checks, self-tests, printable certificates, and training credit across multiple studies.


The Document Center provides a digital solution for role-based distribution of study documents with superior simplicity and security. Admins have user-friendly tools to post documents, assign access by role and location, maintain version control and archive. Document options include view-only, eSignature, approve and print controls. Sponsors and CRAs can track document receipt and completion from a study-wide level down to the level of individual sites and users.

Safety Reports

The Safety Report Center optimizes the distribution of safety reports and SUSARs, a critical function in clinical trials. This center provides sponsors a more secure and streamlined solution, while enabling sites to better manage safety information and ensure patients are protected. DILs can be attached and original reports are linked to follow-on reports. The status of all safety reports is visible online in real time, so sponsors can monitor this important process.


The Message feature expedites the completion of critical communications such as protocol amendments and important study updates. Messages support an array of functions to notify sites, allowing site members to view and complete acknowledgements and eSignatures. Sponsor admins can track Message activities in real time and produce reports on completion status.


With the Questions feature, sponsors and sites can exchange questions and communications with rapid response. Questions are coded by topic for automatic routing to the appropriate parties and are tracked through completion. Digital correspondence can be routed to site eReg Binders and the sponsor eTMF, improving quality, security and documentation of communications.

Study Tools

The Study Tools Center provides site professionals with rapid mobile access to the most-used study documents and information. Content includes complete study protocol, with a hot-linked table of contents, and a Quick Guide with key reference materials such as inclusion/exclusion criteria, randomization guidelines, etc. Patient Visit Guides provide sites with printable checklists of activities for each patient visit, with hot links to key reference information.

Patient Visit Guides

During patient visits, sites can use their mobile devices to access a checklist of procedures for each patient visit, aligned with the visit schedule in the study protocol. Visit Guides can include hot links to references such as sections of the protocol.

User Dashboard

To provide users with a quick, clear view of activities on TriPort that require their attention, the user homepage is a Dashboard of personalized information on new resources and the user’s status of completion for key activities, with visualized metrics.


The Metrics Center provides a real-time view of key study activities, allowing sponsors to drill down through multiple levels of visualized data to granular detail. Versatile controls allow sponsors to generate reports and track key activities. The Metrics Center is a powerful tool to identify and communicate with site members who need to complete key tasks, driving high rates of study performance.

Single Sign-on

Users sign-on to all MedPoint platforms using a single identity and central sign-on. By establishing federated identities, users can also log into TriPort seamlessly from other eClinical platforms.

Community Center

New! Community Center supports an array of functions such as Blogs, Patient Stories, Discussions and Leader Boards. These features help engage sites and keep them focused on executing your protocol, driving successful completion of multi-year clinical trials.

Investigator site staff are increasingly using mobile devices, especially tablets, as they see patients and conduct trial tasks in clinical settings. TriPort App enables site staff to quickly view resources on TriPort with layouts that are optimized for the smaller screens of mobile devices. This is especially valuable for rapid on-the-go access to key information in the Study Tools Center, as well as forms, documents, critical communications and training. TriPort App can make a powerful contribution to improving performance and making work easier for busy site staff.

Online self-learning modules have gained traction as a way to train site members supporting clinical trials. MedPoint has optimized this approach via MobiLearn Interactive Modules hosted on the TriPort Training Center. We apply a streamlined approach of cleaning up digitally recorded slide presentations and adding features such as:

Slide/module navigation
No fast click-through
Resume at last slide viewed
Slide builds and effects
Scrolling text
Presenter video

Knowledge Checks and Self-Tests
Translated slides, video and scrolling text
Hyperlinks to reference material
Automated training certificates
Gamification and advanced media

Learning modules are an invaluable element of an integrated training program, providing 24/7 access over the life of a trial, for initial, reinforcement and new staff training. We produce 1000’s of MobiLearn modules every year, with a rapid, cost-effective approach that delivers focused training and an engaging experience.