Study Site Training & Engagement

Integrated Training Services

Too often, study site training is conducted as a series of individual activities. We believe that every clinical trial can benefit from a formal training plan that spans the life of a trial and connects various activities for significant synergies. Over a multi-year clinical trial, a sustained training plan can drive site performance, lowering the rate of queries and errors and omissions by site members.  Show More

    MedPoint Digital works with study sponsors to understand the challenges of each trial and implement the best mix of training solutions. We combine 30 years of experience with numerous best practices to deliver clearly better training. And by deploying advanced digital platforms, we can lower training costs while improving quality and timelines. Our approach is highly consultative and training plans are developed at no additional cost.

Presenter Support

Services to enhance presenter skills and training content.

Audience Engagement

Tools and tactics that hold the attention of medical professionals.

Site Motivation

Drive performance by reinforcing the study’s altruistic mission.


Interactive modules and resources for effective self learning.

CRA Empowerment

The skills and tools CRAs need to effectively train sites.

On-Demand Tools

Reference resources for rapid access on mobile devices.

Language Support

Effective services to support non-English and ESL audiences.

Training Reinforcement

Provide updates and improve skills over the study life cycle.

Cross-Study Credit

Complete standard training once and get credit across studies.

Centralized Records

Track and document training completion for all site members.

Training Reinforcement Services

Training Reinforcement is often over-looked as a core element of training sites to conduct clinical trials. In many trials, training is front-loaded at study launch, without a plan to reinforce site performance over the life of a clinical trial. However, adult learning principles recognize that learning and performance steadily deteriorate over time, making training reinforcement a critical activity.

Study sponsors can apply training reinforcement to drive study site performance in several important ways.

Protocol Adherence: Known sources of error in protocol execution can be lowered by periodically re-training site staff on best practices.

Study Updates: It’s essential to provide site members with thorough training on changes to the protocol and other new trial issues as they occur.

Manual Skills: Execution of manual skills applied in clinical trials must be reinforced to maintain accuracy and consistency over time.

Subjective Rating: Variability of performance using subjective rating scales will increase over time without reinforcement activities.

English-as-a-Second Language: On-going performance by ESL site members is greatly aided by translated materials and auto-translation technology.

Design and Content Services

Professional design and quality content are core elements of an effective study communications and training programs. To optimize design and content, MedPoint Digital brings 30 years of experience in developing learning resources for clinical trials. We help improve training for investigators, coordinators and other site members, as well as CRAs, sponsors and CRO staff. Our instructional designers and medical writers can optimize communications for:

Investigator Meetings

Advsiory Boards

Study Results Meetings

Study Newsletters

Interactive Learning Modules

Just-in-Time Reference Tools

Patient Visit Guides

Patient-facing Materials

This is a standard level of support for training projects provided at no additional charge.

For events, we work with sponsors to develop an optimal meeting plan by consulting with clients on various options, developing a detailed moderator script and extensive pre-production services. Our team supports presenters with optimized slide templates, guidelines on presentation best practices, and use of tools such as:

Interaction                                                                Multimedia

Audience Polling                                                      Live single- and multi-webcam video

Q&A by text and voice                                              Pre-recorded video

Break-out groups                                                      Document viewing

Gamification                                                              Screen sharing

Surveys                                                                     Closed captioning / Auto-translation

We assist presenters to improve the design and clarity of slide presentations.

Our design staff helps improves the effectiveness of slide presentations without re-writing content. This approach is fast and places minimal burden on presenters, who merely need to provide slides sets 10 or more business days prior to the event and conduct a review of slide set changes. We’ll do the rest, with improvements such as:

  • Placing slides sets into a standard template
  • Use consistent text fonts, sizes, colors, etc.
  • Divide overly complex slides into 2 or more slides
  • Add simple text builds
  • Pre-build underlines and highlights
  • Add mark-ups such as circles, boxes, arrows and checks
  • Create builds & effects for graphic elements
  • Draft suggested polling questions
  • Consult on document and screen sharing

We provide skilled support to improve the content and organization of presentations and training modules.

At this level of service, an experienced medical writer will work with a first draft of a slide presentation or module content and make improvements to both the design and the content. This process begins with time to perform background research on the study drug and the disease state. After receiving a draft slide set, we schedule a brief initial conference with the presenter or author to confirm learning objectives and gain guidance. Then we apply instructional design principles and skillful content development to produce presentations and materials that are more focused, clear and impactful.

Our medical writers can produce original content such as presentations, advisory board summaries and module scripts.

At the most comprehensive level of support, our medical writers can create original content such as training presentations and investigator brochures. We can develop content based on the protocol and other background material, and additionally we can take input from subject matter experts such as study team members and distinguished scientists. This service requires a minimum of 2 months lead time to accommodate background research, content development, and presentation content reviews & revisions.

Site Engagement Services

Study Site Engagement has recently gained recognition as an essential in driving the success of complex, multi-year clinical trials. Such trials place more demands on study sites and require long-term commitment by the site staff. Site engagement strategies have proven to be an effective complement to study plans, improving performance over the time span of clinical trials.

A diverse mix of tactics are available to support a site engagement program. The hub of these tactics is TriPort Trial Portal, providing sites with a single point of access. Sponsors can choose the tactics that best align with their study plan and resonate with their study sites.

News and Updates

Periodic news and updates about the study, sponsor activities, medical advances, etc. serve as effective connectors to sites.


Enable sites to share experiences with an online discussion portal that supports conversations on study topics on a 24/7 basis.


Single-issue polling our multi-question surveys are easy and interesting for sites and provide sponsors with useful insights.

Site Stories

Sites have much to share from the front line of trials, such as human-interest stories, study best practices and healthy lifestyles.

Patient Voices

Patient-centric content can be very compelling, and there are several tactics for amplifying the voice of the patient in site engagement.

Social Media

An engagement portal can borrow tools from social media such as blogs, profiles, reaction icons (like, etc.) and posts/comments.

Live Virtual Events

Live virtual events can include interactive activities and collaborative work groups, fostering a strong sense of site engagement.


Leaderboards for enrollment and retention can create an enduring sense of positive competition and accomplishment for study sites.