Site Services

Study eSafe is now FREE to study sites.

Unlimited Studies. Unlimited Users. For the Duration of Studies. No “Pay to Upgrade”.


eSafe provides a user-friendly interface with intuitive step-by-step functions. It’s so simple that no training is required for Investigators and site staff.


eSafe is designed for efficient, rapid start-up and deployment. MedPoint provides comprehensive support so sites can validate and configure eSafe to their needs.


To support the goal of paperless documents across the clinical trial landscape, Study eSafe is now available to study sites for all trials and all site users at no charge.

Designed specifically for the clinical researcher at Research Study Sites and Research Institutions, Study eSafe is a validated, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant eReg/eSource system that provides a paperless solution to several challenges facing clinical study sites. Process, organize and store all of your regulatory binder documents more efficiently. Run audits more smoothly and reduce the redundancy.

Study eSafe allows for Remote Monitoring of your eReg/eSource!

30 Years of Service to Sites

10,000+ Active Users

6,000+ Active Study Sites

15+ Years of Clinical Trial Portals

The Right Solution for Sites

eSignatures – Part 11 compliant electronic signatures.

Redaction Tools – Full set of redaction tools to keep sensitive information private.

Dashboards – High level overview of binder status, documents, signatures and more.

Notifications – Enable notifications for a variety of study binder actions.

Shared Documents – Store common documents and distribute automatically to study binders with version control.

Restricted Documents – Control who can see certain documents and for how long.

Binder Templates – Organize your folders and create unlimited templates as needed.

Log Completion – Easy to use text and signature tools.

Paperless for a Purpose

Security – Role-based access control and state-of-the-art security provisions.

Quality – Decrease errors and oversights, increase productivity.

Efficiency – Site members can complete approvals, eSignatures, and tasks in less time.

Cost Savings – A free platform replacing cost of paper, photocopies and manual processes.

Collaboration – Allow CRA and auditors remote access for a specified duration.

Storage – Superior cloud-based storage with automated backup and downloadable files.

A Suite of Site-Centric Applications

Purpose built, intuitive eReg platform.

An eReg platform built with the study site in mind. Fast implementation, no forced workflow, intuitive design and function. Try RegDoc eSafe free today!

Full set of tools to allow for secure, remote SDV.

A secure lock-box for source documents, with tools that make it easy to transfer, redact and assign role-based, time-limited remote access to these sensitive documents.

How MedPoint Digital Helps

1. Rapid Implementation and Training

RegDoc eSafe is designed for fast, flexible configuration, intuitive use with minimal training, and a thorough but streamlined validation process.

  • Streamlined implementation process to get your clinical study sites up and running quickly
  • Regulatory binder templates pre-loaded into your site for easy access
  • User upload and access control configuration
  • Admin and user training sessions

2. Software Validation

MedPoint is regularly audited by study sponsors and has long experience developing and supporting validated systems.

  • MedPoint is committed to compliance and walks you through the necessary steps to validate our software
  • We provide sample validation test scripts and validations plans for execution at your site
  • We assist in developing new internal policies or SOPs to ensure compliance
  • Our team provides product update release notes to keep policies up to date

3. Superior Customer Support

Our systems are easy and intuitive to use, and we are there to answer your questions.

  • Email and phone support
  • Online admin and user guides
  • Online help center with resources always available