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The only FREE and Flexible eRegulatory and Source document platform available.

Start your study right

  • Standardize binder organization and capabilities; give your CRAs a consistent workflow, and access everything you need under one login 
  • Give everyone access to your study at the beginning, no more waiting for access to multiple systems 
  • Faster start-up with a system that is optimized for site performance and document sharing. 

Save time Reduce Costs

  • Eliminate passthrough costs of other eBinder systems. 
  • Monitor more sites, more easily and in less time than with onsite processes. 
  • Supporting decentralized clinical trials, remote monitoring options. 

Give sites a solution they can use and re-use

  • Sites can use Study eSafe for any study and as many users as they want, for as long as they need 
  • Improve compliance expiration tracking, audit trails, reports and custom notifications 

30 Years of Service to Sites

10,000+ Active Users

6,000+ Active Study Sites

15+ Years of Clinical Trial Portals

A Suite of Site-Centric Applications

Shared Binder

Easily share common documents across multiple binders; no more need for duplicates and redundant processes. Shared documents only need to be managed in one central location and will update across all binders they are linked to.


A customizable regulatory binder managed by you. Use tools such as expiration dates, notes, eSignatures and notes to make your regulatory processes more efficient and compliant. Automated audit trails, archiving, and reports make study monitoring fast and simple. Specific permissions set by you ensure that users only access documents and perform actions that are appropriate for their role.


Time saving tools to redact source documents, easily certify as copies. You can assign role-based, time-limited remote access to these sensitive documents.

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