Research Services

Virtual Meetings and Logisitcs

MedPoint has transformed digital meetings by applying an unparalleled blend of technology, expertise and best practices. Our focus is to engage medical professionals in a seamless, interactive and productive meeting experience. Learn more. 

Elevation hybrid meetings combine the personal experience of an onsite meeting with the convenience of a virtual meeting. MedPoint applies its dual expertise in digital technology and meetings logistics, acting as a single point for event success. Learn more. 

MedPoint leverages 30 years of experience to deliver superior onsite meeting services. Our team is dedicated to the life sciences industry, so we understand your challenges and meet the high expectations of VIP healthcare professionals. Learn more. 

Our newest app makes the meeting experience for on-site participants more versatile and interactive. By linking with our virtual meeting platform, this new app synchronizes meeting activities among in-room and virtual participants. Learn more. 

Study Site Training and Engagement

Training Study Sites to perform clinical trials is often approached as a series of ad hoc activities, with a near-total focus on Investigator Meeting that train only 20% to 33% of site members. MedPoint Digital engages with sponsors and study teams to develop integrated training plans that optimize site readiness and performance of study tasks.

And by deploying advanced digital platforms, we can lower training costs while improving quality and timelines. Our approach is highly consultative and training plans are developed at no additional cost.

MedPoint Digital engages with sponsors and study teams to develop integrated training plans and optimize site readiness.

TriPort Trial Portal

TriPort is a multifunctional investigator platform spanning training, documents, communications, safety reports, patient visit guides, site engagement and numerous other resources. Every TriPort portal is custom fit to the needs of each clinical trial, enhancing the speed, ease and quality of site performance. Learn more. 

TriPort App enables site staff to quickly view resources on TriPort with layouts that are optimized for the smaller screens of mobile devices. This is valuable for rapid on-the-go access to training, documents and key information in Study Tools Center. TriPort App helps improve performance and while making work easier for busy site staff. Learn more. 

MedPoint has optimized online self-learning via MobiLearn Interactive Modules hosted on TriPort. MobiLearn modules are an invaluable component of an integrated training program, providing 24/7 access for initial, reinforcement and new staff training. We develop modules using a rapid, cost-effective approach that delivers focused training and an engaging experience. Learn more. 

Innovative Platforms

The InSite VM provides a powerful new digital solution for site monitoring, empowering CRAs to perform core monitoring functions without travel. By automating document flow and data capture, InSite VM enhances quality and security, revolutionizing the paradigm of site monitoring. Learn more. 

RegDoc eSafe is a validated, compliant eReg system providing a paperless solution for regulatory document binders. “Going paperless” with RegDoc eSafe offers many advantages to study sites and benefits sponsors significantly by allowing CRAs to view documents and work remotely. Learn more. 

FarSite Virtual Visits provides the most engaging, versatile and data-rich environment for live virtual patient visits. FarSite delivers a highly personal visit experience, and various on-system apps allowing investigators and patients to interact easily and effectively, with full data capture and automated reporting. Learn more.