MedPoint Digital Celebrates its 25th Anniversary!

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On 1 October 2015, MedPoint Digital celebrated a milestone achievement: 25 years of service, excellence and innovation for leading biopharma companies. Over the last quarter-century, MedPoint has witnessed major shifts in the global biopharma industry and medical community, and has not only met many challenges, but thrived by embracing change.

In 1990 the company was founded as HealthPoint Communications, a medical education agency providing scientific content development, print design and production, and meeting logistics services. During the 1990s the firm established itself as a leading accredited provider of Continuing Medical Education courses to physicians in the U.S. In 1996 the company sold the name rights to “HealthPoint” to GlaxoWellcome and changed its name to MedPoint.

In 1992 the company became one of the first to develop computer-based and online training programs. It’s worth noting this was several years before most people knew the term “Internet.” In 1993 MedPoint became the first provider of virtual meeting technology in the medical industry, and was also an early pioneer in medical websites and custom computer programs for pharma sales reps.

The thirst for innovation continued to grow, and by the early 2000s almost all company services were in digital formats, so the company was rebranded as MedPoint Digital in 2011. In recent years, the rate of change has accelerated, and MedPoint has deployed a new generation of best-in-class technologies for clinical research and commercialization. Today the firm continues to embrace change in healthcare by evolving unprecedented digital solutions for global biopharma. Indeed, plans for the future perfectly reflect 25 years of history, and are summarized in a single word: Change.