InSite Virtual® Monitoring: The New Option for Site Monitoring

Post By Joseph Doran

The clinical research associate (CRA) plays a significant role in the life of a clinical trial, monitoring all activities to ensure compliance with the study protocol and ICH-GCP guidelines.

Their list of responsibilities is long and varied, performing tasks such as source data verification, document inspection, overseeing training and enforcing appropriate storage of all clinical trial supplies.

A CRA is typically responsible for anywhere between 5 to 20 sites at a time, visiting each one several times over the course of a trial. Three to four days of their week are spent traveling, which means 65% to 85% of their job is spent on the road.

It’s no surprise that the monetary and physical cost of constant travel has led to a high burnout rate among CRAs. This issue, paired with high site monitoring costs, has resulted in many sponsors choosing remote site monitoring over the traditional on-site visit.

The cost savings are tremendous, but at what expense to the CRAs relationship with the site?

A switch to remote monitoring means not only less travel time for the CRA but their contact with the site actually increases exponentially via phone calls and emails. Even more so, a standard site visit, even though in person, still requires a sharing a lot of documents via emails, leaving a lot of room for disorganization, follow up and even miscommunication. Without technology that’s designed specifically to support the CRA, the quality and integrity of the trial can be put at risk.

What if there was a way to not only maintain, but enhance the key relationships between sites and CRAs without having a face-to-face visit?

This is where virtual monitoring comes into play.

InSite offers a new and innovative way for sponsors and CROs to support the relationship between sites and CRAs, while leveraging technology that preserves personal interaction.
Custom pods and built-in workflows provide structure and versatility, allowing the InSite platform to align with the plan for each monitoring visit. With its flexible technology, InSite accommodates any changes that may need to be made.

As virtual visits proceed, the platform captures every entry, response and click, yielding validated data that populates real-time reports and metric displays. Most importantly, virtual monitoring significantly improves CRA productivity while offering an 80% more cost effective method over travel-to visits.

InSite Virtual® Monitoring: the new option for study site monitoring has arrived.

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