Innovative Platforms

Reinventing the Study Site Visit

InSite Virtual Monitoring is a high-innovation solution for investigator site monitoring, employing innovative new virtual technology so CRAs can perform core monitoring functions without travel. By eliminating the significant expense and downtime of travel, InSite VM has the potential to significantly lower costs of monitoring and clinical trials generally. And by automating document flow and data capture, InSite VM enhances quality and security, revolutionizing the paradigm of site monitoring. InSite VM is also highly compatible with remote monitoring and risk-based monitoring processes that many sponsors have implemented.

InSite VM integrates two platforms into one powerful solution.

InSite Portal

This purpose-built, 24/7 platform allows CRAs to thoroughly prepare for every virtual site visit. InSite Portal supports key CRA workflows in a more efficient and secure environment. On this portal CRAs can organize key information in several areas in advance of the live virtual visit session. This information auto-populates apps on the InSite Live platform, and data from the live virtual visit flow back into InSite Portal for follow-up reporting. Tools on InSite Live include:

InSite Live

InSite Live provides unrivaled versatility for virtual site visits that are personal and productive. Work performed on InSite Portal automatically populates InSite Live with checklists, forms and study documents. InSite Live is structured with various functional apps but is also flexible to the needs of each visit. As each virtual site visit proceeds, data on site/CRA interactions are captured for automated reporting.

Various functions on the InSite VM can be configured to match the site visit plan for each trial:

Two-way Video
View Documents

Screen Share
Open Text

Bringing Patients & Investigators Closer Together

FarSite Virtual Visits provides the most engaging, versatile and data-rich environment for live virtual patient visits conducted as part of virtual clinical trials. Enhanced two-way video allows FarSite to deliver a highly personal visit experience, and various on-system apps allow investigators and patients to engage in an effective study visit.

Visits are easy to schedule, with a clean interface and simple controls, allowing for quick logon and seamless interaction. Importantly, all data generated during a virtual visit session are captured by our uniquely compliant, validated platform.

An array of tools makes FarSite flexible to support diverse patient-investigator interactions:

Multi-Party Visits
Help Button

Screen View
Patient Support

RegDoc eSafe is now FREE to study sites.

Designed specifically for the clinical researcher at study sites and research institutions, RegDoc eSafe is a validated, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant eReg system that provides a paperless solution for regulatory document binders. “Going paperless” with reg docs offers many advantages to study sites, but can also benefit sponsors significantly, especially by allowing CRAs to view documents and perform work remotely.

MedPoint is committed to fostering a digital ecosystem for documents in clinical trials, and key to achieving this is converting sites from paper binders to digital platforms. To make this happen, MedPoint has recently adopted a no-cost program, making RegDoc eSafe free to sites for unlimited studies and unlimited users, for the full duration of every study.

MedPoint is actively partnering with sponsors and all parties on the proposition of moving towards a digital document ecosystem. We view this as a powerful win-win and are offering a path forward that requires no costs and no binding commitment on the part of investigative sites and study sponsors.