Why Virtual Meetings?

 Robin Ward (with photos of Robin’s adorable kids) |  6 July 2017 |  Category: News 

By now you are likely aware of what’s known in the Virtual Meeting world as “The Big Three.” Or not, as I may have just made this up. But there are three primary drivers for considering changing your on-site meeting to virtual.

#1 Cost Savings
Executing meetings virtually can result in costs savings up to 95% of your onsite meeting budgets. Contact a MedPoint rep for an estimate on how much you can save.


#2 Time Savings
Executing meetings virtually will shorten time spent out-of-office from as much as 2-3 days, to only 3-4 hours in-office.


#3 Carbon Savings
Executing meetings virtually can save on average up to 2.38 metric tons of CO2 per person. Multiply that by the number of attendees and you’ve got the equivalent of planting a forest of trees. Give yourself an extra pat on the back for staying under budget, AND helping the environment! bill

BONUS #4 MedPoint Digital Executed Virtual Meetings
Executing virtual meetings with MedPoint Digital increases: attendance, attendee satisfaction and technical performance/experience. Don’t believe me, ask my kids.

Contact MedPoint to elevate your virtual meeting experience.

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