Why Virtual Meetings?

 Robin Ward (with photos of Robin’s adorable kids) |  6 July 2017 |  Category: News 

By now you are likely aware of what’s known in the Virtual Meeting world as “The Big Three.” Or not, as I may have just made this up. But there are three primary drivers for considering changing your on-site meeting to virtual.

MedPoint Talks 2 – How We Build Better Technology

 MedPoint Digital |  19 April 2017 |  Category: News 

Janice Nakashima, Technical Business Analyst, explains how MedPoint builds customized, secure, and responsive software to suit biopharma customers.

Microsoft Lauds MedPoint Digital as a Partner

 MedPoint Digital |  1 March 2017 |  Category: News 

MedPoint Digital is proud to be recognized by Microsoft in a special report released on the Microsoft website, entitled “Software maker future-proofs products by developing in the cloud.” MedPoint has partnered with Microsoft to move its technology systems to Azure Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Microsoft’s most advanced cloud environment. Azure PaaS allows for more rapid innovation, better scalability, higher performance, and lower costs, ensuring MedPoint’s portal technology can continue to evolve with the biopharmaceutical industry.

Happy Holidays from all of us at MedPoint Digital!

 MedPoint Digital |  15 December 2016 |  Category: News 

Wishing you a Warm, Wonderful Holiday Season and Much Joy in the New Year! Please take a moment to enjoy our 2016 Holiday Card, from your friends at MedPoint Digital.

Introducing the MedPoint Talks Video Series

 MedPoint Digital |  1 December 2016 |  Category: News 

We talked with colleagues about what they do and what’s special about MedPoint Digital. Watch the MedPoint Talks series to hear short vignettes what’s new, different, better and fun around our shop. First up, Isabel Davis talks about the comprehensive services her team provides for Virtual Meetings...

MedPoint Digital Caps off a Series of Fall Pharma Conferences

 MedPoint Digital |  1 November 2016 |  Category: News 

MedPoint representatives have been traveling to clinical and digital pharmaceutical conference across the country this fall, featuring our new digital solutions for brand teams, study teams and study sites....

In an article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), six authors made the case through a cross-sectional analysis of pharmaceutical industry payment data from the Open Payments Program that after measuring “Prescribing rates of promoted drugs compared with alternatives in the same class,” a conclusion could be...

The Top 5 Ways to Ruin a Virtual Meeting Experience

 Jennifer Tontini and Sarah Nolan |  3 June 2016 |  Category: News 

It sounds great in theory - by conducting the program yourself, the price will be much cheaper. You’ve participated in a web conference before and you’ve seen the webcasts of your competitors. How hard could it possibly be? You acquire...

Avoiding Compliance Pitfalls in Onsite Events

 Jennifer Tontini |  1 April 2016 |  Category: News 

In light of the recent U.S. Attorney’s Office lawsuit alleging 80,000 Novartis doctor-education events were potentially violations to anti-kickback laws (read the story here,) now is a great time to take stock of what makes for a compliant, engaging educational program for HCPs, and what practices are taboo and can land your brand in hot water...

MedPoint Completes Inaugural Bags 4 Kids Drive

 MedPoint Digital |  1 Febuary 2016 |  Category: News 

MedPoint’s new Service Committee successfully concluded its first donation drive on Friday, January 29 – Bags 4 Kids. Over the course of a week and a half, MedPoint collected 40 bags to deliver to the Association House of Chicago...

Happy Holidays from MedPoint Digital!

 MedPoint Digital |  15 December 2015 |  Category: Announcements 

In this holiday season, we thank our many friends for a year of incredible milestones: we grew our talented team, empowered our portals, evolved our cloud, SSO and app technologies, introduced Elevation Virtual Meetings, launched a new

MedPoint Digital Celebrates its 25th Anniversary!

 MedPoint Digital |  1 October 2015 |  Category: News 

On this day MedPoint Digital is celebrating a milestone achievement: 25 years of service, excellence and innovation for leading biopharma companies.

Bill Cooney presents at Disruptive Innovations in Boston

 MedPoint Digital |  10 September 2015 |  Category: News 

Bill Cooney discusses how studies are becoming digital, how this impacts clinical research subjects, and how the industry needs to adapt.

MedPoint Digital Welcomes Jennifer Tontini

 MedPoint Digital |  10 July 2015 |  Category: Announcements 

Jennifer Tontini has joined MedPoint Digital as the Director of Global Development, Marketing Services Group. She has spent 20 years developing marketing strategy and outreach initiatives....

DIA 2015 Editor's Take - MedPoint Digital

 MedPoint Digital |  16 June 2015 |  Category: News 

Bill Cooney discusses how studies are becoming digital, how this impacts clinical research subjects, and how the industry needs to adapt.